Earth home of the Humans. Once, a long time ago, these "Humans" thought they were the only living things in their home galaxy. But when they launched the Toreador Satellite into space in 2017, everything changed. A distant planet called Juvara II, found the satillite and made contact with Humans. By the year 2021, Humans made the space shuttle Achilles and the One-Man Fighters with the same name. They traveled to Juvara II, which took years....

Human Technology

    Human technology has significantly advanced along the years. Humans greatest advance in technology was the creation of the Epimetheus Command Warship. With hundreds of turrets around the ship and hundreds of Achilles One-Man Fighters. It is the most feared Warship in the galaxy. Humans also made a massive blockade around planet Earth called the Leviathion Defense. For hundred of years the Leviathion Defense have kept the peace around planet Earth but in the early days of the year 2595, the Hournaraians, once the friends of Humans, destroyed The Moon. The Leviathion Defense did not know it was an attack so they did not "defend" Earth but just let them destroy The Moon. The Hournaraians declared war on that same day. At the time Humans nor the Juvarians knew why the Hournaraians attacked the Humans because they were their friends for 500 years. So started the war.

The Federation of United Terrotories

    Formed in the year 2189, The Federation of United Terrotories has kept peace on the Humans' home planet of Earth, for 434 years and counting.

Earth's Conflict in The War

    Earth was one of the major planets conflicted in the war. Earth had many ships like the Epimetheus and Venture. Humans didn't start the war. The Hournaraians did. The Hournaraian Spies watched the construction of the Epimetheus and Venture and thought the Humans were planning an invasion of Hourna. So the Hournaraian Spies left Earth in 2590 and told Hournaraian Army about the Ships the Humans were building. So the Hournaraians built a massive ship, Lacrimata Rosa to defend themselves. When they finished they launched their entire fleet and destroyed The Moon and started the War.