The Federation of United Terrotories


Galactic Space Organization

+Transort Ship Production
+Transport Route Configuration
+Laws of the Galaxy
+Galactic Codes 

Federation Space Force

  +Special Forces
    +Assault Squads

Hournaraian Alliance

+Ship Production(Non-Trade)
+Weapon Production(Non-Trade)
   +Special Forces
     +Assault Squads
+Ship making
+Weapon making

Hournaraian Alliance Senate

+Hournaraian Senators(Private)
+Hournaraian Senate Protectors

Juvaraian Union

+Ship Production(Trade)
+Weapon Production(Trade)

Mercavacs Amity

+Metal Production(Trade)

Federation Senate of United Terrotories

+Federation Senators(Public)
+Federation Senate Protectors

Galactic Senate of United Planets

+Galactic Senators(Public)
+Galactic Tranlators(English, Juvaraian, Mercavacs, Hournaraian)
+Galactic Senate Protectors