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    Galactic Crisis is a book series taken place in the year 2622. The story is about a war first starting in 2595 and ending in 2631. The battle between Humans and the evil aliens, Hournaraians. Explore this website to find all the info you need to reference. 

    Under Time Line find the brief info about important events between all Species(Almost done).

    Under Governments, find info about each government and what they do.

    Under Space Ships, find info about every single Ships known to the future man. Everything from the Command Warships to Freight Transports(Almost done).

    Under Planets, find info and history about each planet(WIP).
    Under Weapons, find all the info about each weapon, even attachments and excessories(WIP).

    Today(3.20.2011) I went ahead and cleaned up the site, especially the Home page.

Anything New?

3017 A.D.
The new upcoming sequel book to Galactic Crisis! It's bigger, better and has more action. Introducing new characters, aliens and new ships! Read the Prologue and Chapter 1: Return to Earth soon! Look under The Books >> 3017 A.D. soon!

Born: 2610
Age: 13
Sex: Male
Occupation: None
Species: Xeonix

CHIR(Courtesy Human Interaction Robot)
Created: 2619
Sex: None(masculine programming)
Occupation: Service robot 

Born: 2589
Age: 34
Sex: Female
Occupation: General Elite Class 5
Species: Human
Favorite Weapon: CLAR-05